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Ship's Store

The Devils Lake Yacht Club has a "Ship's Store" providing many types of DLYC apparel and merchandise.  Items can be purchased online or from a display case in the Flag Room.  The DLYC Auxiliary manages the Ship's Store and all proceeds help fund project to beautify and clubhouse and grounds, such as the new circular couch on the porch.  Please frequent the Ship’s Store and know that your purchase helps our club in many, many ways.  For more information, contact Micky Jordan.  Thanks for your support and proudly wear our DLYC apparel.  


To purchase from the Ship's Store in the Flag Room, please follow the process below or ask our of our associates to help.  

Procedure to Purchase Items from Ship’s Store

  1. Sign out a key from the bar.
  2. Purchase order forms are located on top of the Ship’s Store counter.
  3. Fill out entire purchase order form to include all details.
  4. Tear off the bottom half of the purchase order form as your receipt.
  5. Place top portion of the form in the mailbox located to the right of the cabinet.
  6. Return the key to the bar.
  7. Your account will be charged for your purchase.