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Devils Lake Yacht Club is located in Manitou Beach, Michigan on the southern shore of Devils Lake.  

2097 Marsh Drive
Manitou Beach, MI 49253

Phone: (517) 547-7352
Email: Click Here to Email

Devils Lake Yacht Club has many seasonal openings for employment . We recruit entry level and experienced applicants for various positions in our kitchen, bar, and dining room, in addition to building and grounds maintenance.  Please complete our brief online employment application and submit for the review of our club management.  

Pastry Chef - We are seeking an experienced and enthusiastic Pastry Chef and leader to join our team.  Your expertise in preparing a variety of mouthwatering desserts and pastries, combined with your creative flair for developing unique tastes and recipes, will be essential in delighting our customers.  As an ideal candidate, you should have a strong background in culinary arts and a genuine passion for creating sweet and delectable treats.  Your commitment to upholding health and safety standards is crucial to ensuring the highest quality of service to our clients. By delivering exceptional culinary experiences, we aim to enhance customer satisfaction and foster the growth of our clientele.

Sous Chef - We are seeking a Sous Chef to support our Head Chef and become a part of our team. Duties include: Documenting each morning what the Head Chefs require before they prepare the day’s dishes, cleaning and organizing the food preparation area for the Head Chef, delivering the ingredients that the Head Chef needs to prepare to the food preparation area, ensuring the Line and Prep Cooks prepare the dishes according to the Head Chef’s specifications and standards, training new kitchen employees on the restaurant’s standards and regulations, addressing and resolving diners’ and clients’ complaints quickly, monitoring the kitchen area and the staff to ensure sanitation standards are maintained, and ensuring all food products to be prepared are not expired.

Contact the club manager or call (517) 547-7352 to schedule an immediate interview.