Swimming & Sailing Lessons

Swimming and sailing lessons are offered free of charge to all children of DLYC Club Members.

Swimming Classes are determined based on number of registrants, age and swimming experience.   The DLYC reminds members that with the exception of swimming lessons, no life guard is on duty and members swim at their own risk. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Call the office at 517-547-7352 for more details.

Sailing The DLYC is rich in sailing tradition and is pleased to teach anyone interested in learning to sail. Lessons for children are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursdays.  Please register at the Club office for sailing classes.  Adults should contact a member of the fleet to arrange for sailing lessons and crew opportunities.

Sailing Class Information

What Free sailing lessons are available to members and families during the summer season.

Why The purpose of the Sailing Class is to introduce students to the lifetime sport of sailing. Learning is through demonstration and practice, sailing with peers and instructors. The students become familiar with water safety and get comfortable sailing a dinghy. The US Sailing based curriculum provides a comprehensive and systematic program for quality instruction. There are twenty-five skill categories. Among them, General Nautical Skills include safety, weather, rigging, rules, and terminology. Boat Handling Skills include steering, sail trim, maneuvering, and recovery. Racing Skills include rules, tactics, and fine trimming. Fun is included and expected at no extra charge.

Bonus Building: Self confidence, Self reliance, Teamwork, Communication, Sensitivity, Concentration, Sportsmanship,    Courage, Accomplishment, Motor skills, Applied physics

Orientation and Registration will be during the first class:

  • Please bring your parent/guardian to complete registration and waivers, meet instructors and other students.
  • To pass the swim test you must be able to swim 300 feet and tread water for 5 minutes.
  • You must be at least 8 years old and able to take direction.
  • In the first session we will review fundamentals, decide on class placement, note each student’s planned attendance dates, do the swim test, practice correct sunscreen application, correct lifejacket use, and more as time permits.

What to Bring: Dress properly for a comfortable and safe sailing experience.

  • Required: Lifejacket that fits.
  • Required: Correct Sunscreen with hi SPF (like 50), waterproof, and “broad spectrum protection” with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide included as an ingredient. SPF rates the UVB (burn) protection only. For deep damage UVA (aging) protection, sunscreen needs a reflective ingredient like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Avoid oxybenzone. It is linked to DNA damage.
  • Required: UV Sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation, should block 100 percent of UV rays and absorb most HEV rays. Avoid sunglasses labeled cosmetic or without UV protection details. Wraparound design protects better.
  • Required: Hair tie if hair is long enough to tie back.
  • Required: Water shoes to prevent zebra muscle cuts and toe stubs
  • Suggested: Swim suit
  • Suggested: Towel
  • Suggested: Brimmed hat with chin string.
  • Suggested: Keeper string or elastic for sunglasses retention.
  • Suggested: Wind breaker/spray jacket for the cool days, waterproof for the cold spray.
  • Suggested: Water bottle

Lead Volunteer Instructor Geoff Moehl gto65tri@bellsouth.net, 2015 Lake# (517) 252 5482, mobile (407) 690 0579, Florida (407) 859 2968

Assisting Volunteer Instructor Doug Tagsold dtagsold@yahoo.com, cell (517) 605 0360, (517) 486-3817


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